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  1. Case Studies

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    Detailed energy efficiency surveys have been carried out on the following houses:

    • 2 different types from Withymead Road
    • St Martin’s Park
    • Back Lane
    • Tanners Acre
    • Hayfield
    • Hay Street (listed)
    • High Street (listed)

    The case studies look at the type of construction, the existing measures for retaining energy and what could be done to improve the energy efficiency of the house to reduce bills, energy usage and carbon footprint.

    For the technically aware: SAP Design Stage Assessment calculations under the latest SAP software (SAP 2009), SAP Energy Efficiency options report for each dwelling and EPC.

    There will be a short presentation on these at the Energy Day and the surveyor will have a stand where the results will be available and the surveyor will be available to answer questions.

    Information will also be available at the Energy Day on the Green Deal – expected to be launched in Autumn 2012. This is a Government initiative aimed at enabling residents to make improvements to their house without increasing their expenditure.

  2. Thermal Imaging

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    thermal image of house

    Over the nights of 15th & 16th February, IRT Surveys took a thermal image of every house in the village, with the exception of those who opted-out.

    The images show where heat escapes from a house.  Red on the picture indicates the areas where heat loss is greatest.

    Images are used to understand what parts of a house are a priority for work if you wish to reduce your energy bills – or to congratulate yourself on what a good job you’ve done in insulating it!

    A copy of the image of your house will be available at the Energy Day on 24th March.

    IRT are also able to give an indication of how much money and energy is being wasted from a house. There will be figures available for each house to give a general idea but they won’t be very accurate: to be accurate we would have needed to get lots of details from each household about how many people live there, the type of fuel you use etc and every side of the house would have had to be surveyed. As you can imagine, this wasn’t possible in the time we had

    However, detailed images were taken for the 8 case studies so you should be able to see how they have turned out on a house of similar build type.