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  1. Marshfield Energy Song

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    It’s a Green Deal for all,
    Let’s have a ball,
    Come to Marshfield Energy Day,
    What shall we do
    It’s up to you
    Swing along and have your say!

    (Chorus) Save energy every day
    Save energy in every way
    Our energy project is a big deal
    So don’t just worry about the bill

    Thermal images you will see
    Of our houses they will be
    Blue, red, white and green
    We’ll all find out what they mean


    Mobile gallery walks door to door
    Showing us all more and more
    A fresher Marshfield could be seen
    Come on every body, let’s go green!

    Chorus (x2)

  2. Energy Day

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    Saturday 24th March  10am – 4pm, Marshfield Community Centre

    Energy: Music, art and science!


    Really! Come and see how we can incorporate music and art into at least some of these:

    Presentations and displays on:

    • Saving money in Marshfield houses
      • The findings of the energy efficiency case studies
      • See the thermal image of your house
      • Simple ways of reducing your energy bills
      • Understanding the Green Deal
    • Generating community energy in Marshfield
      • Results from the feasibility study

    Our aim is to provide a useful, informative and entertaining day. If you have energy related question you’d like answering, please let us know.

    All offers of assistance or contributions – from individuals or organisations – are much appreciated.