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  1. Marshfield’s Walking Energy Home Hits The Streets!

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    If you strolled down the High Street last week, you may have been in for a surprise! You may not have believed your eyes… if you spotted Marshfield’s Walking Energy Home being rolled along the road by some remarkably energy-efficient volunteers.

    You might have heard the Marshfield Energy Song ringing out from the home too: the song had only been written and recorded by the children of Marshfield School the day before!

    Serendipity reigned as the Cousins family saw us walking by and donated some enormous green faux leaves, stage props which needed a new home and provided a fitting decoration for an art installation which illustrates the link between careful domestic energy use and the health of the environment.

    The Walking Energy Home is the work of artist Scott Farlow who came to the Country Market to unveil the wonderful home on wheels. A crew of pre-school helpers stuck on pictures of the newly released thermal images taken of Marshfield Homes to show heat loss from our houses.

    Catch the Walking Energy Home on the High Street again and beyond on Sat 10 March (10.30 to 1.30pm) and on Marshfield Energy Day on Sat 24th March, 10am to 4pm.