Marshfield Energy Project wins £20,000 grant

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A bid we submitted to the Rural Community Energy Fund has been approved and a new project will be under way very soon.

This project will comprise a feasibility study for a renewable energy scheme for Marshfield which will update our figures from 2012 on wind and solar power and add in the option of Anaerobic Digestion.

Anaerobic Digestion ( AD) is a natural process where plant and animal materials ( biomass) are broken down by micro-organisms in the absence of air:

  • The AD process begins when biomass is put inside a sealed tank or digester.
  • Naturally occurring micro-organisms digest the biomass, which releases a methane-rich gas ( biogas) that can be used to generate renewable heat and power; this helps cut fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The remaining material ( digestate) is rich in nutrients, so it can be used as a fertiliser.

Many forms of biomass are suitable for AD; including food waste, slurry and manure, as well as crops and crop residues.

When the studies are complete we will be holding an event to explain the findings and get your feedback on next steps. We’re not going to do anything without the support and backing of the community, so this feedback will be very important.

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